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The Back Pain Breakthrough eBook provides you with significant alleviation from low back discomfort via stage process instructions and a straightforward 30-second motion discovery. It is made up of Dr. Steve's 6-series video sequence, which shows you the straightforward steps of the targeted spinal release procedure. Without surgery, prescription medications, or other procedures, you can strengthen and improve the health of your back. It provides you with easy methods to completely get rid of your back ache. The Back Pain Breakthrough practice is a straightforward mobility technique known as the "Targeted spinal release method" which aids in aligning your spine perfectly.

The Back Pain Breakthrough™ ®

by Dr. Steve Young 

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What Does the Back Pain Breakthrough Program Teach You?

The Back Pain Breakthrough course aids in the relief of back problems; also, people will build strong abdominal muscles and a firmer core, which will enhance their overall stability and balance.
The shocking information you will shortly learn could make the next few moments the most significant of your life.
You're about to learn how to regain control over your wellness and put a stop to your backaches naturally.
Therefore, gyms can't justify their absurdly expensive subscription and training costs for activities that may be completed independently in a matter of minutes.
You'll feel the stability provided by a solid, muscular core plus the tall, natural posture that goes together with it.
This program is open to both sexes. Each step of the program has a variety of levels and variations. Benefits are available to you at whatever age.

Perks of the Steve Young Back Pain Breakthrough:
The back pain breakthrough program has the following advantages that you can take advantage of:
● You may experience immediate, problem-free alleviation from back pain.
● Without exerting any force or using any tools, you will remove all culprits of back discomfort.
● You will also have total and lasting alleviation from back discomfort within 4 weeks.
● You will stay away from hazardous medical treatments, physical therapy, chiropractors, painkillers and stimulants.

Back Pain Breakthrough Protocol Instructions
Use the Targeted Spinal Release technique first thing each morning, as advised by Dr. Steve, for the best outcomes. Additionally, you can utilize it whenever you’re upset, and taking it before bedtime promotes restful sleep. It only takes five minutes a day and works wonders.

What’s Included In The Back Pain Breakthrough Program? 

You will get a 6-part video masterclass featuring Dr. Steve, who will be explaining in detail the how and whys of the movements. Two bonuses ebooks are also included, Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual and Accelerated Healing Techniques.

A 6-part video Back Pain Breakthrough Master class In this 90-minute video tutorial, you’ll:
* Access a step-by-step outline of the Targeted Spinal Release treatment method and instructions on how you can use it to eliminate your back pain practicing only a few minutes per day from your home’s comfort and without requiring any specialized equipment.
* Find out exactly how and when to perform and hold each movement in Targeted Spinal Release via livid videos.
* Discover one highly effective move to perform daily in the morning and before sleep to realign your spine, release its tension, enliven you, and improve your sleep.
* Find out a simple but effective tweak to keep your back strong and straight if you spend most of your day seated.
* Access the 10-pound, flat-belly bonus, a movement to realign your lumbar region and curb chronic back pain.
* Discover the back-pain extinguisher, an instant back pain relief strategy that takes undue pressure off your spinal nerves.
* Learn the ‘bracing strategy’ you should use when changing body positions to protect your spine from injury incurred by sudden back movements.
* Uncover the Sciatica Soother which is a simple 30-second movement that brings you instant and lasting sciatic pain relief.

The Back Pain Breakthrough: Benefits of the Book

Steve Young's book, "The Back Pain Breakthrough," offers a number of benefits, including:
 ➣ A comprehensive approach to treating and preventing back pain: The book provides not only specific exercises and techniques, but also information on the causes of back pain and how to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of back pain.
 ➣ Evidence-based exercises and techniques: The exercises and techniques covered in the book have been researched and proven to be effective in reducing back pain.
 ➣ An easy-to-understand and follow format: The book is written in simple, easy-to-understand language, with detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises and techniques.

Here are some specific benefits of each section of the book:
➣ Part 1: Explains the causes of back pain and how the program works. This section provides information on common causes of back pain, such as weak and imbalanced back muscles, poor posture, and injury. It also explains how the program works to help reduce back pain.

➣ Part 2: Provides specific exercises and techniques to strengthen the back muscles and improve balance. This section includes stretching exercises, strength exercises, stability exercises, and breathing techniques. These exercises are designed to help strengthen the strength and endurance of the back muscles, improve the control and coordination of the back muscles, and relax the muscles.

➣ Part 3: Provides advice on how to make lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of back pain. This section includes advice on how to lose weight, exercise regularly, improve posture, and avoid activities that strain the back.

Overall, "The Back Pain Breakthrough" is a valuable resource for people with back pain. The book provides a comprehensive approach to treating and preventing back pain, with specific exercises and techniques that have been proven to be effective.


FREE BONUS #1: A Targeted Spinal Release Manual
 The targeted Spinal Release manual is a documented version of the 6-part video Back Pain Breakthrough program. It illustrates all the strategy’s moves in pictorial and word format so you can conveniently access the program on the go. Besides, you can print out the manual if you prefer hard-copy access.
FREE BONUS #2: Accelerated Healing Techniques’ eBook
 This is a bonus item offers you:
Access to Steve’s most-guarded and effective techniques to beating chronic back pain.
Hacks to tweak Targeted Spinal Release to your personal needs so you can realize optimal results.
Small but critical body posture adjustments to reactivate inactive spine muscles and nerves and realign your lumbar and pelvic regions. This enables you stay out of chronic back pain.
Ways to stay off back pain medication and resultant consequences.

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About Dr. Steve Young 

Dr. Steve Young DPT, MPT, CSCS has 31 years experience and is one of the world’s leading Back pain specialists and injury prevention experts

He’s helped more than 31,591 people to completely eliminate their joint pain. His clients include every-day people, working with world’s top athletes from NFL footballers, to NBA players, MMA fighters and Hollywood actors who are performing physical roles and even nursing home residents.





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